Post Op Transsexual Vaginas


Total Phalloplasty Female-to-Male Reassignment Surgery (May be difficult for some viewers)


Sex reassignment: Male-to-Female & Female-to-Male

Do post op MtF can feel pleasure ? I've always been interested into this kind of operation, and I'm looking for more information about it. I'm sorry if it's not approriate nor respect full :x

Yes! Although there can be some numbing from the scars from surgery, the majority of post-SRS patients report to be orgasmic within 3-6 months. It takes awhile for the nerves to settle down and regrow

who did your surgery

Hello, Thanks for the question.  I’ve received a couple of anonymous questions all wondering about who I am, among other things.  So I thought I should take this chance satisfy some of the curiosity.

I’m an approaching middle aged trans* woman.  I identify a soft-butch genderqueer lesbian transdyke.  I began transitioning almost 10 years ago. I say “began” because I look at transition as a journey and not a destination. There are just so many sites and experiences to take in along the way it would be a shame to miss any of them because I’m too focused on reaching some goal.  Yes, there are lots of “procedures” for transgender women from permanent hair removal, to taking hormones, and various surgeries that can be performed.  However, everyone is different and not all trans* women need, want, or are able to have all those procedures.  Some women, for medical reasons, are ineligible for surgery.  While others, for personal reasons and preferences are happy with there bodies as they are. But many women, due to economic factors, cannot afford to as most health insurance companies deny paying for transgender related surgeries. Thankfully, there is a movement beginning in some states to pass antidiscrimination laws preventing those companies from denying women the proper medical procedures they require. As for myself, I’m of the opinion that the only people who “need-to-know” what’s in my panties are my spouse and my doctor.

are you really a post op trans-gendered

None of the pictures on my blog are of me. A couple years ago I began researching the results of SRS or Sexual Reassignment Surgery and all of the pictures I have shared are the results of that research.